Gather data with speed and precision

KapTrack’s Capture function offers diverse question types for various data collection needs. Forms or surveys can be accessed via KapTrack’s web interface or downloaded on the mobile app for convenient, on-the-go use.  ​Each question in a form or survey is more than a simple query. They are designed with specific parameters for precision and reliability and  ensure the collection of high-quality data, crucial for informed decision-making.

Mobile or Web

Developed forms optimized for both mobile and web-browser applications.

Form Creation

Craft custom forms effortlessly using an easy to use development tool

Form Templates

Numerous predefined templates available for quick form creation

Many Field Types

Create forms using a diverse selection of field types

See list below

Field Validations

Swift and accurate data input with extensive field validations for each field 

Multilingual Support

Multilingual support for user interface, input Fields, and labels

Mobile Features

The smartphone app allows the user to capture data remotely with unparalleled ease and accuracy. 
Allows for efficient data collection, even when you’re on the go

No Internet

Remote  data entry  without  the need of an internet connection

Only Input Essentials 

For input optimization only essential fields are prompted for mobile data entry

Sync Data on Demand

Form data is synced automatically when an internet connection is detected

Dynamic Form Update

Forms are dynamically updated ensuring the user always has the most current version

Data Security

App security through password and biometrics. Data is safeguarded with encryption, authentication, and access control